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Aluminium 4 Way Ceiling Diffuser

Model: A4SDN

Square diffuser has characteristics such as straight lines, smooth surface. Vane angle is fixed. Vanes are connected by corner plates. Overall vane and frame adopt separate structure to facilitate installation and adjustment. It can be designed according to shape of room to select diffusers with different air blowing directions and be used together with adjusting valve. Square diffuser has four airflow blowing forms: single direction (A1SDN), double direction (A2SDN), triple direction (A3SDN), and quaternary direction (S4SD).

The A4SDN diffusers are constructed of extruded aluminium. Centre cores are movable and available in either flush type or stepped-down. The former delivers air supply in a horizontal pattern, the latter reduces ceiling aging. The characteristic of A4SDN is having a frame width of 1" to suit ceiling designs.

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