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Aluminium New Straight Bar Linear Air Diffuser (0 Degree Blade)

Model: LABR

Thin vane diffuser has characteristics such as linear design and can be indoor used. Wind ports and return inlets circumferentially distributed in the hall have forms of single direction and double direction. It can be used as a decorative fitting in air-conditioning system with cooling an heating modes.
Diffuser is fully made of aluminium alloy profiles with maximum length of 5.8m. Longer diffuser shall be concatenated by several sections. We also can produce fixed or dismountable, arc-shaped or angular according to user's requirements to realize air supply and air return as well as beautiful decoration.

Different radians, angles and lengths can be supplied according to the user's requirements. Arc-shaped and angular wind ports can be supplied in forms of thin vane, double direction thin vane or flat vane. Please mark type requirements such as top mounting, lateral mounting, radian, arc length and so on when ordering.

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